Primordial Sin System

Chapter 463 463-Chaotic Bones And Eyes

Chapter 463-Chaotic Bones and Eyes

While Dave waited for Draco to subdue the remaining Overlords, he examined the pendant in his hands. 

It had been given to him by the Time Dragon, who explained that if he wanted to feel and enter the River of Time, he just needed to crush it. 

The pendant was a one-time use, and it wouldn't affect time itself; only his consciousness would enter. 

The Time Dragon mentioned that he would only see a glimpse, and it was up to Dave to comprehend as much as he could.

Currently, Dave inspected his laws and skills, which were being nurtured and upgraded by his chaos energy.

 All of them had undergone a drastic change in level. He felt that his power was already sufficient to damage or injure a Transcendental Being, but he refrained from arrogance. 

The Time Dragon had explained that entering the realm of Transcendental Beings was a thousand times harder than becoming a Divine Emperor. 

Since Dave had never witnessed the true power of Transcendental Beings, he decided to remain low-key and assess their strength first. 

However, Dave knew that it wouldn't be a problem as long as he acquired all the items in the main shop; this would enable him to reach the level of a Transcendental Being.

Currently, he had no plans to enter the River of Time, as he felt it was something to be used when he reached a bottleneck in his comprehension of time. He stored the pendant, intending to use it in the future.

Next, Dave checked his sin points and realized how many he had collected from the Time Dragon. 

Unfortunately, the Time Dragon had easily calmed himself and stopped giving him sin points.

[[Sin Points: 4.5 million]]

"Hahah, I struck it rich this time." 

Dave hadn't expected the gains to be this lucrative. Not only had he reached the pinnacle of Divine Emperor, but he had also amassed a significant number of sin points.

He suddenly wants to find the Time Dragon and make him angry again. 

Next, he looked at the main shop and decided to buy all the chaotic bones.



Main Shop:

<Chaotic Body> (Locked) - 20 million Sin Points


<Chaotic Blood> (Locked) - 5 million Sin Points


<Chaotic Eyes> (Locked) - 1 million Sin Points


<Chaotic Bones> (Unlocked) - 10 thousand Sin Points per bone.



He was still far away from buying the others, but he could now purchase 206 chaotic bones and the chaotic eyes.

[You have acquired 206 chaotic bones.]

[Deducting 2,600,000 sin points.]

[Please prepare for the bone evolution.]

Dave calmed himself, aware that the process would be painful, just like before. 

Even though his pain tolerance had reached the point where he wouldn't feel hurt even if pierced by a sword in his heart, he had learned from experience that evolution was a painful ordeal.

Dave suddenly experienced a powerful surge of energy that flowed through his entire body as his chaotic bones broke down into fine, ghostly dust. I think you should take a look at

It was like his whole skeleton crumbled away, leaving a space behind. Unbearable pain shot through every part of him as the disintegration continued.

In the midst of this excruciating torment, a strange violet color appeared, slowly shaping itself in the space where his bones used to be. 

The new violet bones started to form, each one coming into existence with careful slowness. 

Unfortunately, the pain didn't let up; if anything, it got worse as the transformation went on.

It felt like every part of him was being ripped apart, and the pain was unlike anything he'd ever felt before. 

The violet bones seemed to grow inside him, mingling with the remnants of his disintegrated skeleton. 

Each newly emerging bone resonated with an odd energy, sending waves of pain rippling through his body.

Dave clenched his teeth, every muscle in his body tense as he endured the agonizing change. Sweat beads formed on his forehead, and he breathed heavily. 

The air crackled around him with the intensity of the transformation, and the violet glow from his changing bones cast an eerie light.

Time seemed to drag on endlessly, each moment stretching into an eternity of suffering. Despite the unbearable pain, Dave still managed to hold on. 

He knew that this agony was the cost of evolving, a toll on the road to more significant power. 

As the final violet bone found its place, the pain gradually faded away, leaving Dave transformed and strengthened, his body now infused with the power of the newly formed bones.

"Woah, that was painful."

Dave cursed, and the process seemed lengthy, but in reality, it only took a matter of seconds for all of his bones to transform into chaotic bones. The pain was intense, but luckily, he wasn't one to easily give up.

After the transformation, he checked his body and realized that it had become more perfectly shaped. 

He felt that his speed, strength, and physical prowess had risen to another level, and, on top of that, he could feel the chaos energy emanating from his bones. 

Though he could now wield chaos energy more easily, he knew he wasn't yet a master of using it and planned to ask Aby about it.

Dave waved his hands, and violet energy appeared on them. He then imagined a rabbit and a small rabbit was created from the energy. 

"Woah, chaos energy is the strongest energy," 

Aby had told him that every element comes from the mother element, chaos energy. 

While he could materialize and create things with chaos energy, he still couldn't create life from it. He was still weak in his comprehension of chaos.

Next, he decided to buy the Chaotic Eyes which cost 1 million sin points.

[You have acquired Chaotic Eyes.]

[Deducting 1,000,000 sin points.]


Dave prepared for intense pain, but he realized that nothing had happened. 


He was stunned, but upon closer inspection, he realized a massive change in his eyes.

This eye transformation wasn't just about looks; it meant his eyes had gone through a deep change. The chaos inside them pulsed in a way that was hard to predict, showing off the wild and uncontrollable side of chaos. 

The eye color transformed into an amazing mix of chaotic shades, like a storm in his eyes. It felt like the disorder itself settled in his gaze, making his eyes mysterious and captivating.

His eyes contained so much destructive energy that it seemed he could annihilate anyone who stared into them. 

Moreover, his vision was tripled. He felt that he could easily grasp his enemies' techniques just by looking at them, breaking them down one by one, and learning their components.

Chaotic Eyes were born from the very essence of chaos, an energy that could reshape reality itself.

"Wow, this is good," 

Dave grinned, realizing that the Chaotic Eyes would be a significant asset to create new techniques or open new forms of his sword skills someday.


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