My Werewolf System

Chapter 765 Growing Pack

Chapter 765 Growing Pack

The man was remarkably large in size. One could tell even though he was wearing a large green hoodie. It was tight around his body, showing his well-developed shoulders and muscles. What had come as a surprise was how someone so muscular was able to move that fast.

He had made quite an impression on his entrance. The guards pulled out batons from their backs, and as they tapped the bottom, they started to light up.

"Oh, Anti-Altered weapons!" The large man said. "It looks like quite a bit of money has been spent on the protection of this place, huh."

With the weapons in their hands, the men had confidence as they charged in. They swung the baton down, but he swiftly avoided it and kicked the guard in the stomach, sending him flying.

He then grabbed the baton in the air that he had dropped and swung it, hitting another guard right on top of the head. It had been swung with so much force that the baton itself had broken.

From the very back, though, a small arrow was fired. It hit the large man in the chest and started to spark up. Blue electricity went all over the outside of his body.

Yet the big smile could still be seen on his face as he pulled it from his chest and threw it back, landing right in the center of one of the guards' heads.


The guests were screaming at this point. When the intruder had come in, they originally thought the matter would be dealt with. It wasn't the first time the casino had to deal with such problems. Many of the guests were regulars and quite enjoyed the show that would be put on as the guards fought against the unruly guests. This time it was clearly different, as one of them had even died in front of their eyes.

"Everyone, the Casino is closed, everyone is to exit out of the place immediately!" one of the guards shouted at the top of his lungs.

The guests started to run out from the emergency exits by the side, and even the main entrance as they made their way around the intruder. If there was one good thing, it seemed like the intruder didn't care about the guests and was only focused on the others.

"That guy, he took the Anti Altered weapon like it was nothing!" the guard said. "It means he must be an Altered, right, and not just anyone, a strong one as well."

Some strong humans could take hits from the weapons; it was just based on him having next to no reaction at all. It was safe to guess that it was the case.

It was then, coming down the stairs from the second floor, two bald-headed average-sized men with black sunglasses covering their eyes had come down. They were wearing clean suits but hadn't buttoned up their white shirts all the way, leaving it open at the top, revealing some of their chest.

"It's Bardolph and Bardo!" The guards shouted. "They must have heard the chaos."

The two bald-headed figures that walked forward both straightened their suits. It was almost impossible to tell who was who. Some would think they were twins, but they weren't. They just dressed the same and looked rather similar to each other.

Bardo started to sniff the air, his nostrils flaring.

"It wasn't the noise, it was the smell of blood."

"An Altered attacking us?" Bardolph smiled. "Do you even know what type of group you're attacking? I heard what you said earlier, you're after the Howlers, yet for some reason, you decided to attack here first. Is it because you thought Notsburg would be easy."

"No," the man answered in a deep voice, and he was grinding his teeth back and forth to the point where nearly everyone could hear it. "It was to send a message. We like to play a little fair compared to others.

"And to show that you guys don't stand a chance."

Both of the bald-headed men started to laugh.

"We don't stand a chance? You have no clue what we even are."

Both of them proceeded to take off their jackets and threw them on the floor. The moment they did, their bodies started to change and grow in size. Fur started to appear on their arms and legs, and on their noses started to stretch out like a large snout.

The clothes were ripped, and their deadly claws and razor-sharp teeth were on display. These weren't Altered; they were Werewolves.

These two were Werewolves that had been changed by Midwak, and not Gary himself. As time went on within the year, Gary had broken the restrictions of the Pack rules that kept him at bay because it truly felt like he was committing to the cause of building a pack strong enough to defeat the other Alpha.

However, time and time again, Midwak would mention the need for growing the pack. This was something that Gary had fought against for the longest time. There were a lot of risks involved with making other people Werewolves.

Sure, they no longer had to suffer under the curse of the full moon, but there was still a chance that the turning wouldn't work, resulting in death.

In the end, Kai was the one that had to convince Gary. And he had stated as long as those that were taking part in it knew the risks, then he would let Midwak do as he wished.

The pack would grow, giving Gary more pawn points to use to grow his strength. Even those made by Midwak, anyway, would still be part of the Howlers' pack and loyal to him.

The two werewolves charged forward, running on all fours. One of them leapt up in the air, while the other swung from below. The large man ran forward and leapt up, avoiding the one on the ground completely, and with his fist, he slammed it right into the werewolf's face, sending him back across the room and crashing into the slot machines.

"You dogs don't scare me."



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