Last Egg: Reincarnated as a Dragon in a Game

Chapter 475 Western Coast

POV ???:

Waves washed over the spike stones poking out of the chaotic sea beneath towering cliffs. The tall walls and towers built of granite threw their dark shadows over the ocean as they stood on top of the cliffs. The black flags with the golden dragon emblem fluttered in the wind as they hung from those walls.

"Ships! Ships are incoming!" A loud yell resounded as the sentry on top of the tall towers waved his arms. The next moment, bells resonated throughout the fortress like a human heartbeat.

A sail appeared on the horizon, the majestic hull of a giant ship built of dark wood cutting through the chaotic waves, quickly approaching the coastal defense. More and more ships appeared from behind the horizon, their sails showing colorful emblems.

There were hundreds of them, their hulls gleaming beneath the red glow of the sky.

Bright lights lit the boards of the ships, quickly growing brighter and brighter.

The soldier's eyes widened with panic, his arms grasping his spear trembling.

'The war is here! The enemies have arrived!' This was the day he knew would come but hoped it wouldn't.

The blue lights reached their peak brightness and pulsed one last time. Shining comet-like orbs of blue mana hurled across the sky, quickly approaching the fortress, their blue color contrasting with the red sky surrounding them.

The runes on the walls flared to life, with immense magic power flowing through the fortress. The reddish dome of light rose up, enveloping the entire complex in its protective embrace.

The sentry froze, praying to the gods that the barrier would hold, as the blue orbs slowly descended, their bluish radiance intensifying as they closed in.

Simultaneously, red light pulsed all over the cliffs, walls, and towers, bright red rays cutting through the night toward the incoming fleets.

POV Vesuvius:

In the black void, the dragon's consciousness floated as the golden crest flared to life and burned straight into his soul. In the reaction, a new portion of his draconic memories was unlocked, and the new knowledge streamed into his mind.

'So this is what I was missing.' He felt like a blind man, as the truth was right under his nose, yet he always ignored it.

'Satanael, Yormungandratius, Raphael, Michale, Lucifer... they are all real beings of the dragon king class here, yet their names were known even on Earth.'

The crest wasn't just recognition—it was also his identity, his personal symbol, his phone number, and his true name that would become part of reality, spreading through mortal souls forever to be remembered.

'It isn't active. I still need to fuel it up with enough divine energy.' The gold was the answer he was looking for.

"Why gold?" Vesuvius turned his attention back to the golden aura of the dragon god. It seemed too random to him. 'Why gold and not some other metal?'

Even though he didn't know about the way angels and demons increased their divine energy reserves, he had the suspicion that reapers were using their scythes, as they were their most precious properties, cultivated over their immortal lifespan.I think you should take a look at

"Gold is ours. Its symbol, concept, and material are compatible with us and our souls." The golden aura of the dragon god pulsed, their calm voice resonating through the void.

'Yes, our souls and divine energy are golden, but it can't be so superficial as to be based only on color.'

The god continued as if knowing his thoughts: "Gold exists only for us. It was created for us and given to us."

The information contained in that single sentence was enough for Vesuvius to make his soul pulse with understanding, 'So it isn't that our souls and energy are in the color of gold, but oppositely, the gold is in the color of draconic souls.'

As for the creator of it, as Vesuvius wasn't dumb, it was easy for him to connect the dots.

'The hands of Genesis are siblings, so they must have some ancestor or parent.' The dragon shuddered with both curiosity and dread at thinking about the being that could sire the monsters before him.

'The question is, where do the demons and angels fit into this?' No matter how much he looked at the godly auras before him, none of them fit angels and demons in the same way the dragon and the death gods fitted their races.

"Go, now!" The dragon god's voice boomed one last time, and the dark world dissipated, turning back into the dragon's icy fortress. He finally knew what he needed to do.

'I can turn gold into the extension of my soul, making it stronger and with a larger capacity for divine energy.'

POV Harem Guy:

A black-eyed and dark-haired teenager turned toward the castle on the hill above the city. His eyes looked dreamily at the majestic structure as he stood in the center of the mostly empty street.

'Maybe one of them is there!' His heart pounded when he thought of the rumors he heard—the beautiful horned dragon girls in the government and the mysterious vampire girl that appeared out of nowhere. There were four, and he wanted them all in his great collection.

"I will collect all the waifus of this world!" He pumped up with his fist.

"Keima-san? But there is that dragon." A soft voice chimed from behind him. He turned and smiled at the group of girls following him, his gaze lingering on the white-haired catgirl.

"Thank you, Astoria-chan, but there is a way!", he grinned. "Dragons are greedy! If I pay them, they will definitely let me show my charms!"

'Hehe, if I introduce the superior Japanese culture and cuisine into this world, I will be swimming in gold. I will show them the power of soy sauce, sushi, and mayonnaise!' He saw it in anime, and it always worked!

'There is no way I will fail! I am the main protagonist!'

"Let's go, my loves! It is time to get a job for a government; that is our way to success—" he continued silently, 'and my new waifus!'


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