I Can Peek Inside Every Place And Even Record It

Chapter 256 Return to The Ice Palace

Chapter 256 Return to The Ice Palace

The island where the mansion was located and the mansion were not affected at all, not even cracked. Perhaps it was because the center of power that was the Thunder God did not affect the surrounding areas, only the more distant areas.

It was just that, when the Thunder God sent his fist forward, an extremely ferocious lightning dragon roared and lunged towards Ciel and Eva who were cuddling on the bed.

Although Ciel had said that everything would be fine, Eva was still worried.

However, Eva quickly realized what Ciel meant.

Around the mattress suddenly appeared a thin, almost invisible light, blocking the lightning dragon.


The lightning dragon crashed into the light, causing the mansion and the island to become ashes instantly.

Surprisingly, the light was not penetrated at all. Even then the lightning dragon was reduced to ashes from crashing into the light.


The mattress finally fell in the sea, floating above it without affecting it at all.

The Thunder God's eyes became gloomy when he saw that.

Ciel and Eva were fine, and no one knew what really happened.

In fact, since becoming a God, Ciel could control Immortal Domain even better.

At this moment, the mattress was in reality inside Immortal Domain, but Ciel was organizing Immortal Domain so that the mattress still appeared to be outside.

Basically, if you wanted to attack that mattress, you had to pass through the Immortal Domain's defenses first.

That was of course impossible for the Thunder Gods as even the combined power of the Supreme Gods could not break through the defenses of the Eternal Domain.

The Thunder God could do nothing.

The waves and strong winds could not affect the mattress.

Eva was somewhat fascinated by the sight of it all, realizing even more how great life with Ciel was.

This meant that her choice was not wrong at all.

She looked at Ciel with her graceful face that had a naturally cold characteristic.

"You're great, Prince," she said, praising Ciel.

"Of course, I'm great," Ciel replied, not hesitating to boast about himself.

He planted a kiss on her cheek, making the Thunder God's eyes almost pop out of their sockets.

"Boy, come and fight to the death with me," the Thunder God shouted from the sky.

Many people who heard his words were curious, wanting to see. However, the Storm God and the Wave God apparently prevented anyone from approaching them.

No one was allowed to see because they also didn't want others to see how Eva was now.

"I'm too lazy to stand," Ciel replied casually.

"You know, hugging your ex-wife is really too comfortable," he added, continuing to provoke the man.

The Thunder God's complexion turned pale when he heard that, looking like he wanted to roar.

The problem was he couldn't say anything else.

"Alex, it's time for you to go and accept this reality. This has already happened and cannot be avoided. Even if time repeats itself, I would still do the same thing." Eva finally spoke, but her tone sounded indifferent.

She was emotionless to the Thunder God.

The latter looked at her, trying to stabilize his breathing.

Unexpectedly, Ciel suddenly pushed his hips forward so that his cock entered her vagina and rammed into her womb.

Eva's skin flushed instantly. She wanted to close her lips but they were still open.

"Ohhhh..." A soft and beautiful moan came out of her mouth, making the Storm God and the Wave God blush while the Thunder God staggered, almost falling from the air.

Eva stared at Ciel in disbelief, visibly complaining at her sudden movements. The problem was that her ex-husband and two friends were watching.

When looking at Ciel, Eva found that the young man seemed to be enjoying himself.

"Tonight, we will make love non-stop," Ciel said.

After saying that, he kissed Eva's long, white neck, sucking it firmly while his hands groped her breasts.

His hips did not move anymore, but it was enough to make Eva drunk with pleasure.

The expression on her face leaves both the Storm God and the Wave God breathless.

They wondered how the sensation Ciel was getting while kissing her beautiful neck.

What confused them was whether Ciel was really this crazy?

Now he didn't care about the Thunder God anymore even though the last one hadn't left yet.

At this point, the Thunder God began to lose his mind.

He shouted to the sky, full of rage.

Surprisingly, after that he suddenly fainted, causing his body to fall.

The lightning in the sky disappeared instantly so that only starlight remained.

The Storm God and Wave God quickly grabbed the Thunder God's body.

They stared at Eva who seemed oblivious to the condition as she was in complete enjoyment right now.

In the end, both of them looked at each other.

"We should go," said the Wave God.

He didn't want to be suddenly beaten by Ciel again.

The Storm God agreed with his suggestion.

The two of them then took the Thunder God away.

When they weren't around, Ciel immediately put away the blanket, throwing it into the sea.

He then turned Eva's body to face him.

Her naked figure was so charming when viewed while lying down.

Ciel could not refrain from squeezing her beautiful breasts.

"Shake your ass, Empress," Ciel said.

Eva gave Ciel a faint smile, not objecting because she wanted to too.

She started wiggling her ass and moaned loudly.

The sound of her moans echoed over the sea, but did not spread far enough because her voice contained no power.

The wiggling of her ass was not so fast, but it was very elegant.

Her pussy seemed to be sucking Ciel's cock, giving Ciel infinite pleasure.

This was the life Ciel wanted, a life like in Heaven.

He wanted to be powerful and have beautiful women accompanying him in sex.

After climaxing again, Eva's body became weak. She lay helplessly on Ciel's chest.

Tonight, the two slept in the sea, showing their naked bodies to the sky.

They wake up quite early in the day, with their bodies somewhat dry from exposure to the sun.

It doesn't matter though because Eva still looks absolutely gorgeous.

She was quite calm when she opened her eyes and looked into Ciel's eyes.

"Do you still feel happy with this life?" Ciel asked her.

"I feel like I've been reborn," Eva replied.

Ciel smiled after hearing her words.

He then pulled her into the sea.

Now, he wanted to take a bath.

When they fell into the sea, they were immediately separated from their beds by the waves.

Eva hugged Ciel's body tightly with her arms and legs.

"Honey, I know I came in a bad way, but please don't leave me," she said while caressing Ciel's face.

She began to call Ciel by the word honey.

It sounded a little awkward, but it wasn't because she was entirely awkward. It was more because she was not used to using that word in her life.

Even throughout her time with the Thunder God, she had never used it because she was an empress full of dignity.

Perhaps now Eva was a little worried that Ciel would get bored with her and not care about her anymore, especially considering the way she approached him.

Ciel laughed softly and replied, "Don't think too much about it. I'm the kind of man who can't live without women and I like all kinds of women."

He pinched her cheek after saying that.

Although it seemed excessive, Eva fully believed it so she became quite calm.


A few hours later, Ciel returned to the Ice Palace.

He received a summons from the Ice Goddess while Eva was told to stay on a continent close to the Ice Continent.

Ciel did not know why the Ice Goddess had summoned him, but he was curious to see her again considering the last time he managed to kiss her lips.

His steps were quite fast as he entered the palace of that woman.

When he arrived at the hall, he finally saw her figure.

However, she was not sitting on her throne.

She was standing in front of the window, gazing at the small ice garden beside her palace.

Ciel could not see her face because she was coming from behind him.

He then approached her, no longer at a fast pace.

To his considerable surprise, the woman did not turn back at all.

He did not know why, did she want him to hug her from behind?

The intention to do so could not help but arise from seeing her figure from behind.

Whether from behind or from the front, she had her own advantages.

Her back is slender and curves slightly like an arc, made even more beautiful by her indescribable ass.

Ciel continued to wait for her to turn around, thinking just a little slow.

However, even when he was only a meter away from her, she still did not turn towards him.

It really was like she was teasing him.

"My dear goddess, what are you doing?" asked Ciel, finally choosing not to hug her right away, but to ask first.

"I want you to go to the Jian Clan. Ask your little girlfriend there for help in persuading her father not to interfere," replied the Ice Goddess, still not turning back.

Apparently, that was what she wanted.

However, the fact that she did not turn towards him made Ciel quite upset.


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