Florida Man's General Store in Cultivation World

Chapter 224 Florida Man Introduced New Career Choice to Female Teenagers – Lithium Miner.

Chapter 224 Florida Man Introduced New Career Choice to Female Teenagers – Lithium Miner.

Chapter 224 – Florida Man Introduced New Career Choice to Female Teenagers – Lithium Miner.

Leo and Esen left their bus after a good sleep. Esen made her way to the white tree array to check on the formation. As for Leo, he hyped himself and planned to do some new quests.


Entity Fate Crystal Quest – Phase 3/13

Mission Objectives: Complete 10 tasks to complete this phase.

Phase Completion Rewards: 300,000 Years of Lifespan, One Selectable SR Building, Increase the Shopping Mall's max level to 17, Increase the Sub-Building's Max Level to 17, and Enable TOP-UP Feature.

Phase Three Tasks (5/10 Completed)

- Recruit at least 2,000 workers. (Done)

- Complete at least one true fate crystal (0/1)

- Successfully defend against an invasion from another player (0/1)

- Successfully invade a player's home planet (0/1)

- Embed a true fate crystal to a pylon tower (0/1)

- Upgrade 20 buildings to level 15 (Done)

- Upgrade shopping mall to level 15 (Done)

- Get a girlfriend and fail NNN! (Done)

- Manufacture at least 1,000 weapons using strategic resources. (491/1,000)

- Recruit at least 100 immortals as your soldiers (Done)

*For every completed task, you will receive one Lucky Draw (Building), and one Lucky Draw (Automaton).


The missions were tougher in this phase. Many quests seemed impossible for Leo at the moment. For example, Leo had no means of accessing or invading another player's home planet. In addition, the Earth Fate Crystal tutorial was still ongoing, and the progress was barely halfway to completion.

However, nothing was impossible for Leo. As he had recently upgraded the shopping mall from level 10 to 15, his system unlocked many new buildings.

Leo opened his domain system menu and browsed the list of the new buildings. Then, he widely grinned.


Altar of War

Gate Size (0/25)

Transferable Personal (0/25)

Distance (0/25)

Cooldown Timer (0/25)

Price – 10,000 YOL

Cannot be built in Shopping Mall.


Tavern of Heroes

Hospitality Worker Automaton (0/25)

Tavern Size (0/25)

Max Visiting Friends (0/25)

Accommodations (0/25)

Price – 10,000 YOL

Can be built in Shopping Mall.


Military Boot Camp

Drill Sergeant Automaton (0/25)

Camp Capacity (0/25)

Facilities (0/25)

Training Speed (0/25)

Price – 10,000 YOL

Can be built in Shopping Mall.


Life Force Casino

Hospitality Worker Automaton (0/25)

Facility Quality (0/25)

Security (0/25)

Accommodations (0/25)

Price – 10,000 YOL

Can be built in Shopping Mall.


Fate Crystal Radar

Operator Automaton (0/50)

Detection Range (0/50)

Price – 1,000 YOL

Cannot be built in Shopping Mall.


These five buildings were the highlight of the newest upgrades. Aside from these new buildings, the rest were alchemy workshops, warehouses, granaries, farms, a new apartment, and small houses that Leo already had.

Leo rearranged the granaries in his domain. He pressed the [Move] button and grouped them behind the shopping mall so that the land behind Gao Yan and Wu Buyi's houses was empty. Then, he erected new houses and an apartment in the area and upgraded them to level 15.


Instantly, buildings appeared out of thin air and firmly occupied the elevated hardened ground.

Leo didn't stop there. He erected new warehouses and granaries to increase his storage rooms. Two new farms extended to the west and east of the southern agriculture district. Moreover, two alchemy workshops were added to the shopping mall's fifth floor.

After Leo had completed the minor buildings, he moved on to the main course. He started with the facilities that could be added to the shopping mall first.

Life Force Casino, Military Boot Camp, and Tavern of Heroes appeared on the fourth floor, occupying the rooms next to the time chamber.

As usual, these facilities looked small from the outside. But after Leo had upgraded them to level 15 and allocated some points, the interior expanded, which was capable of hosting a thousand visitors at once with ease.


Tavern of Heroes Level 15

Hospitality Worker Automaton (3/25)

Tavern Size (5/25)

Max Visiting Friends (2/25)

Accommodations (5/25)


Military Boot Camp Level 15

Drill Sergeant Automaton (3/25)

Camp Capacity (10/25)

Facilities (2/25)

Training Speed (0/25)


Life Force Casino Level 15

Hospitality Worker Automaton (3/25)

Facility Quality (5/25)

Security (5/25)

Accommodations (2/25)


The upgrade cost of these three facilities was painful. One level cost 10,000 years of lifespan. Thus, raising everything to the max level required 450,000 years of lifespan.

Leo didn't fret as he had plenty to squander. He was no longer scrapped for a year of lifespan like in his early days as his side hustler business got more popular during these few days.

More migrating commoners continued to show up and moved to the west slum district. The town's size continued to expand, and the outskirts of the town already reached the outer gate of the Magpie City. As new people showed up, they got interested in Leo's shopping mall and became his customers by default.

In addition, the people from the Tang Clan were richer than the commoners. They always queued in front of the supermarket section and waited for the new batch of poison grain pills or poison liquid to enter the shelves. Then, they always purchased them all.

With these guys around, Leo didn't need to work as hard as in the past. He just needed to expand and maintain the order around here.

Unfortunately, Leo didn't get to enjoy his SIM session for long. While he was playing with the system, one of the death knights approached Leo and informed him of the visitors.

"Your Majesty. A quasi-immortal has brought many young mortals here to see you. He said something about giving you a gift as a tribute."

"A new customer? Well, where are they? Guide me to them!"

Leo was enthusiastic as he never hated new rich customers. He wondered how many cultivators he could scam on this occasion.



Murong Qi and his people still lingered in front of the store. Some of them eyed the floating crystal tower behind the parking lot, which was the source of the yin-yang Qi in this domain.

Everybody secretly cultivated and absorbed Qi from the environment. Even though the death knights forced them to wait here for hours, none of them complained. After all, the dense Qi in this area was thicker and better than the mystic realms that they had been.

While everybody cultivated in earnest, one of the death knights called them over.

"His Majesty Florida Man is here! Kneel and pay respect to the Holy One!"


Murong Qi and his followers were taken aback that the elf identified his lord as a king or an emperor.

Had it been normal circumstances, Murong Qi would have never bowed to others. However, the elf was an immortal. Murong Qi had no power to argue or protest.

Obediently, Murong Qi knelt on one knee and cupped his fist. He lowered his head the same way he paid respect to Yan Xiang.

Seeing their sect leader kneel, his followers copied him. Everybody behind Murong Qi paid respect to Leo.

"Murong Qi and his followers greet Your Majesty! May you be healthy and live in prosperity for 10,000 years!"


Leo wasn't used to being treated as an emperor. He coughed to hide his nervousness and embarrassment.

"Ahem! Are you moving here like Tang Xuan and others as well? Or are you here to visit my store? What's your name?"

Murong Qi looked up and gazed at Leo's face. He tried to measure Leo's cultivation base.

Unfortunately, no matter how Murong Qi looked into it, Leo's aura was no different from a soul formation cultivator or other mortals. He doubted that was Leo's true strength.

'I see. He must have hidden his true cultivation base. An able rich man never flaunts his wealth! A true expert never shows his strength. This must be the case.'

Murong Qi introduced himself and got to the point.

"I'm the sect master of the Joyous Yin-Yang Sect, Your Majesty. The reason I'm here is that I wish to come and pay homage to the new lord. I've also brought you some gifts as a tribute."

Murong Qi looked back and showed him his followers. A thousand pretty maidens behind him looked up and beamed Leo with a bright smile.

"These girls are the finest disciples of my sect! I would like to offer them to you, Your Majesty. They are good at housework, chores, and… bed work. I'm sure you will like them-"

Before Murong Qi could finish his sentences, Leo rolled his eyes and interrupted him.

"Send those bitches back to the lithium mine they belong. We don't welcome underage prostitutes here. Only underage miners and farmers are allowed!"



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