Dawn Of Legend:Rise Of An Extra

Chapter 228 228:Unwanted Aggro

In a dark room, a fearsome aura erupted making the space shudder.

The whole building shook and cracks started appearing over the walls.

With a blank expression, her purple misty eyes flashed with confusion. A ripple of emotion appeared over her face.

She raised her chin and saw a befuddled expression on the face of a grey-haired guy sitting across from her who also seemed to be shocked hearing the maddening roars from the other side of the phone.


Azrail choked when he heard the term whore hunter.

'I thought I was the craziest guy in the world but this guy's words humbled me.' Azrail for the first time in his life was shocked to his core.

He stared at Lina wondering what the hell Lina did with him.

'Maybe she cut his thing ending his entire bloodline.' Azrail made a rough guess.

It was then that a lunatic voice appeared again.

"If you are thinking, who is interfering with your plans then let me tell you. It's me."

"All of this is just the beginning of my revenge. Because of you, just because of you, I find it nauseating to be with a woman. Women disgusts me because of the trauma inflicted to me by you. You destroyed my lifetime happiness, Slut because of this I will never forgive you."

"I know all the shit about you and that small syndicate organisation has done till now and all the things you are going to do in future."

"The play of the hunter and the prey had reversed."

"Do you think you are great just because you manage to infiltrate the organization and pass this information? Do you think I care?" Lina spoke coldly.

"You will Slut...You sure will.."


The wooden bed cracked as Lina gripped the sidebar.

She wasn't least interested in all this bullshit. The only reason she picked up the call was because it came from a familiar number and since he was dead there was no need to hear this but Azrail asked her to listen to it as it might prove to be crucial.

Turning her head, she gave Azrail a deep glare who just shrugged his shoulders.

"Hehehe! Do you know what I traded for all this information?"

Lina snapped out of her thoughts when she heard a maniac's laughter.

"It's you, Slut. I asked them to spare you and the reason...Let's leave that until we meet. It will surely be interesting…Very interesting."

"Until then, just enjoy your days cause the hunt has begun."

"Just who the fuck are you.."


A deep silence lingered as before Lina could finish her speech the phone was cut.

In fury, Lina crushed the phone into pieces and gritted her teeth, holding the hem of her skirt tightly.

Various emotions flashed in her eyes as the words slut and whore rang in her mind bringing a memory buried deep inside her heart.

The word was enough to pierce a dagger into her flesh.

She wasn't a human.

She was a half-demon.

Her father was an incubus who played with many women and threw them when he gets bored. Out of all the misfortunate women, her mother became pregnant with that disgusting guy's seeds.

Her mother who was left alone to feed bwr after giving birth to her, poured all her frustrations over her showering her with countless abuse.

Since she looked a bit like her father, her mother would always hit her and scratch her face; however, due to being a half-demon with a faster healing rate, her face would heal without leaving a scar.

She thought that what could be worse than this however she was proved wrong...

Her very mother, who should have cared for her child like any other mother, instead when Lina grew up, she was sold to a heinous group of bastards.

She just waited for her to grow up and then sold her for a hefty sum.

She wasn't even an adult when she did this. She was just a small child but due to her face being quite enchanting, the bastards of the gang would eye on her and her mother using this chance sold her and ran away with the money.

She was forcefully taken away and locked in a room.

When she thought that everything was over, someone finally appeared in her world of darkness saving her from the darkness.

Being naive, she developed feelings for the man who helped her to escape. Staying with him, she finally fell in love and tasted the sweetness of the forbidden fruit.

However, their life was not free from worry.

Due to being a devastating beauty, people would get charmed with just a glance which arouses much dissatisfaction among the women who called her slut for seducing others.I think you should take a look at

She was hurled with curses and stones were thrown at her.

Still, both of them endured and moved from place to place until one day people with higher authorities united to hunt them.

They fled as far as possible; however, in the end, they succumbed due to exhaustion.

Her lover was brutally killed before her eyes while those lecherous bastards couldn't bear to kill her so they took her and sold her as a slave to a brothel and another nightmare began for her.

She could still remember those beastly eyes filled with lust, lips drooling with saliva and dirty hands touching all over her body while being called a slut for seducing them.

It was there, in that den of depravity where she awakened her succubus power and learnt a way to get stronger by absorbing men's essence.

As Lina thought about that her body started shivering.

"Did you remember all that?"

"Yeah…" Lina muttered with a blank expression staring at the ceiling and shook her head.

All of that was the past and she had taken revenge on them.

It was just in that process she lost something quite precious.

Which was?

Her emotions.

"What do you think of this guy?"

A smile formed on Azrail's lips on hearing Lina's questions.

"Interesting! This is the first time I have seen a man who managed to get out of control from your charm."

Remembering the conversation, Azrail covered his mouth to chuckle.

"What did you do with this guy for him to hate you so much?"

Lina's expression darkened upon hearing Azrail's words.

"I don't remember. Are you not afraid that this guy knows many things about us?" Lina asked with a provocative smile.

"Who knows if he is bluffing? What if this entire thing is a bluff?" Azrail rubbed his chin with a serious expression.

"What! He is telling a lie."Lina almost stood up in her seat.

"There is a possibility it can be false after all, the men who were able to survive after doing the deed with you are greatly taken care of so how can this guy not be on your list."

"Maybe, it's when I was younger and might have taken pity on him."

"That means, this guy must be in his 50s or more than that." Azrail's brows furrowed for a moment.

"Hmm! Now that I think about it, his voice was a bit rough and chucked. He was also breathing heavily, seemingly out of breath"

Azrail rubbed his chin.

"It's weird. I find it difficult for a lunatic guy like this to know so many things about us."

"Aren't you also a lunatic?" Lina sneered.

Azrail blinked his eyes giving Lina a gaze meaning what the hell are you on about woman?

"I am a psychopath, not a lunatic. Both are different things."

Fiddling his finger, Azrail smiled softly.

"For now, I can only conclude that this guy might be an actor who is good at deceiving or a man who went insane after his dignity as a man was trampled on after getting tortured by you. However, I feel very soon we will know about this guy. And it will be he who will appear first out of the shadows."

Lina raising her finger, slid it across her lips with a playful smile.

All the men she had encountered would grovel at her feet with just a smile. Even Azrail who was somehow resistant to her charm due to his mental fortitude might not be able to handle her full display of charm.

As she thought about the man who managed to get out of her grasp, all her anger was replaced by a strange desire for possession.

"What a wild man! It had been a long time since I had tamed someone wild. Life has been too boring nowadays."

A blush appeared over Lina's face with a unique sense of euphoria.

"Hehehe! Next time we meet, I will make sure to eat you to my heart 'content."

Lina muttered licking her lips seductively, giving Azrail goosebumps seeing madness in Lina's eyes.

'It seems that guy underestimated Lina's bitchiness.'

Watching Lina's expression, Azrail shook his head lighting an incense of man's name.

On the other hand, Lucas cut the call and suddenly started to shiver, unaware of the aggro he had pulled.


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